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Updated: Nov 17, 2022

Are you suffering from a memory of something traumatic that happened in the past and is still haunting you today?

Was your life in danger and you were overwhelmed with fear?

Do you feel like you never let go of what happened and it has had a huge impact on your life? There are things you have not done, relationships damaged or changed because of what happened.

Erasing a memory is not ethical but what if instead you can remember that memory without fear, pain, sadness?

If so, I can help and it can happen faster than you think if you are ready to stop feeling this way.

Removing emotion from traumatic memories can take just 1-6 sessions even if you've had them for years.

Hypnosis and NLP help you recode the way your brain stores the memory and remove the emotional charge.

Some years ago, I suffered a traumatic attack outside my home. At first I was in denial. Then I was terrified. I remember thinking my life had changed forever and kept running through the endless scenarios of what would change because of that attack. Hypnosis & NLP helped me to the point that memory is there somewhere but I rarely think about it now.

Is it time? Have you had enough and can't keep living with fear, pain and other emotions that impact on your mental wellbeing?

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