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Eliminate Suffering From Traumatic Memories Even If You

Have Lived With Them For Years.

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Have you suffered a traumatic event that caused you physical, emotional, or psychological harm?

Living with a memory of a traumatic event can produce a whole range of symptoms: PTSD, anxiety, irrational fears, flashbacks, nightmares, sleep issues, bursts of anger, sadness, lack of motivation

All of which put stress on the body and impact your health

It affects who you are, how you live, how you interact with people, and the things you do.

Trauma can affect your whole life and yet it doesn't have to. 

Many times when we want to change we make a determined decision and get frustrated when nothing changes.  This is because we are trying to make change using our conscious logical mind.  Permanent Change needs to happen in the unconscious mind.

Changing Trauma

It doesn't need to take years


Perhaps you feel:

  • there are so many emotions involved it is too complex

  • it is too painful to even think about facing it

  • the thought of talking about it makes you feel ill

  • It is easier to keep control by keeping the lid on it

  • Once you face it - it will spiral out of control

The truth is:

  • you don't have to talk about it that much to change it

  • you don't have to face it head-on and re-live all the pain and trauma

  • it doesn't have to take years, months, or even weeks


Maybe you feel like you are just going to live with it or really can't face doing any work to resolve it. 


Sadly, living with it controls how you feel, your thoughts, who you are, and what you do in life. I imagine it is impacting your life, day in and day out.

There is a better way than just living with it - one that is usually fast and effective for most traumas.

  • You don't have to face it head-on

  • you don't have to talk for hours on end

  • you don't have to go away session after a session feeling more traumatised until eventually you feel better

  • It doesn't have to take months on end

  • You have options and those options include you having a much better future and feeling so much better about yourself.

Maybe this is something for you to think about or maybe it is an option for you NOW

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What is the solution?

When it comes down to it, there are only two choices:

  • You can continue to live with it

  • You can decide enough is enough and choose to do something about it

Hypnotherapy & NLP offer a solution that corresponds with how the brain works. Recoding how your brain stores the memory and removing the emotional charge that is causing you to continue to suffer

It can take anywhere between 1 to 12 sessions (12 sessions is usually need for multiple traumas) but rest assured when our work is done, our work is done. I won't keep you coming back for unnecessary sessions and neither will I abandon you if you need me. I will work with you to get you the results in the most timely, effective, and efficient way I can.  

If you've made the decision that you are not going to live this way any longer then all you need to do is click the GET STARTED button below and schedule your free hypnosis strategy call with me.

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