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From the desk of: Dee Smith

It all started in 1999.

When I was working in an NHS Training & Development Department I was introduced to Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) and found it fascinating.

A couple of years later I changed jobs to Medical Education Manager in Mental Health.  Around that time I discovered hypnosis and was hooked!

I discovered the power of hypnosis one day when I volunteered to be the client so that the teacher could demonstrate a technique to the class during our training.  When I came out of the trance my body was paralyzed from the neck down! (don't worry that was a technique the teacher was demonstrating for pain control)......I'm fine.  After qualifying in 2003, I set up my first hypnotherapy practice, and it was going brilliantly.

One night it all changed when I was attacked coming home from the local pub and I thought life would never be the same.  To the outside world, I may have looked like I was functioning but to me it felt like I was a robot, just putting one foot in front of the other.   

At the same time, It was a never-ending cycle of anxiety, paranoia, lack of sleep, flashbacks, and thoughts that wouldn't switch off. It was exhausting just trying to function.  I couldn't focus on my business. I couldn't help anyone at that time.  I was terrified of being in the office building out of hours and I made a decision to close the business I loved.

I was sitting there this one particular night lost in my negative thoughts and thinking about how well my business had been doing and it was over just like that. 

Then I shook myself. I was a hypnotherapist and NLP Practitioner. I'd dealt with anxiety and panic attacks. I asked myself how I would help a client who'd gone through a similar experience?

That's when I made a breakthrough. I did the work and used the techniques. With the techniques I'd learned to help others, I changed my own life.  

This story isn't about wanting you to feel sorry for me. It is about empowerment.  I don't just work to help people get over, through or past something. I work to empower people...


Like Emma who before working with me lived with crippling anxiety and said the difference in her life after our sessions was like night and day.  Or Paul who, for years, suffered what felt like life-threatening panic attacks multiple times a day and who wrote to me one year later to say he hadn't had a panic attack since.  When they came to me, they really couldn't see how their life could be any different BUT they still had hope.  Let's be clear though - it's you that makes the changes I just guide you.

Hypnosis and NLP can be used to help you in so many different ways. I've used it to help people get over their ex!

Favourite saying no 1:    "Anything that can get worse, can get better"

Favourite saying no 2:   "Make you a Priority"

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