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Stop Smoking

Are You Ready to Stop Smoking Without the Agonizing Side Effects of Nicotine Withdrawal?


Do you find yourself:

  • Driven crazy by cigarette cravings?

  • Feeling like an outcast at work or family functions because you need to go out to


  • Getting more and more alarmed at the cost of those tobacco sticks?

  • Disgusted with the smell of smoke in your clothes and hair?

  • Feeling embarrassed and ashamed because you keep “trying” to quit but can’t?

  • Being afraid to try those new quit-smoking drugs because of the scary side effects?

  • Longing to be in charge of your life, instead of those costly cigarettes controlling you?

  • Being short of breath so easily and not able to even climb a flight of stairs without being winded?

  • Worried about whether or not you’ll be around for your loved ones - or whether your nicotine addiction will ultimately cost you your health?

  • Afraid that when you quit, you'll be unable to face the withdrawal symptoms, like headaches, weight gain, and uncontrollable cravings?

You already know all the negatives about smoking. 


It’s not news to you how unhealthy smoking is.

You know its negative impact on your lungs, your heart, your skin and your overall health.

On top of all that, did you know that smoking causes:

  • More gum disease

  • More tooth loss, due to gum disease

  • Bad breath

  • More plaque and tartar build up

  • Tooth discoloration

  • Delays in healing from dental procedures, and other health issues

  • Increased risk of developing oral cancer



Do you know that when you stop smoking, your body begins its healing process immediately?


So why is it you’re still smoking?

  • It’s not because you’re “weak”.

  • It’s not because you have no willpower.

  • It’s not because the nicotine is more powerful than you.

You are still smoking, in spite of the knowledge of how harmful cigarettes can be:

Because of how your mind is programmed to relate to cigarettes. Because of how your body and mind are stuck in the repeated habit of smoking. Because of how the very act of smoking has been hardwired into your brain.

Hypnotherapy can help

Hypnosis cuts through the hardwiring.

Hypnosis helps you change the way you act, think and do things.

Hypnosis is the perfect tool to get rid of negative habits and to re-program your mind to choose to feel strong, healthy, and in control of your you can master those nicotine cravings minus the typical withdrawal symptoms!

Research shows hypnosis to be very effective. It has very high success rates: well over 70%. Hypnosis is more successful than behavior modification, “cold turkey” smoking cessation methods, nicotine patches, and other drugs used for quitting smoking. Oh and vaping isn't stopping smoking!

It works so well because it gets to the source of your habit!

Hypnosis helps you make the changes you want in your life.

It’s safe. It is something you do naturally. It works!

Don’t waste another moment waiting for the “right” moment. The right moment is now.
Get that freedom you’ve been longing for!


What’s stopping you from being smoke-free?

Are you:

Afraid you’ll gain weight when you stop smoking?

With hypnosis, you will stop smoking and not use food as a substitute. With hypnosis, you will really feel like doing healthy good things for your body. With hypnosis, you will have more energy, too!
Hypnosis is safe!

Wondering how you will relax, because you use smoking now to relax?

In hypnotherapy sessions, you learn how to re-focus your mind to relax in new ways.

Hypnosis is safe! The only side effect you’ll experience is a very relaxed and pleasant feeling!

Cigarettes really don’t relax the body from a physiological point. Nicotine actually speeds up the heart and constricts blood vessels and muscles. That is not relaxation!

When you smoke, you take a deep breath, don’t you?

Your brain and body like deep breaths because it gets lots of oxygen into your system. The problem: You’ve unconsciously programmed your mind, the neurons in your brain and your body to associate your habit of smoking with relaxation.



What you really need is deep breathing and oxygen.

Afraid you have no willpower and won’t be able to stop and the cravings will drive you crazy?

Hypnosis changes the programming! Hypnosis prunes away the old programming and installs new, healthier programming.

When you use your mind in new ways to focus differently, there is no struggle.

With hypnotherapy, many people are even surprised to find stopping was so much easier than they ever thought possible!


Hypnosis is safe, gentle and easy!

Hypnosis and hypnotherapy get to the unconscious reasons you ever started smoking in the first place

Hypnotherapy allows you to disconnect from those old non-supportive emotions and connect to what is most important to you

And, it does it without you craving or needing cigarettes

It does it by using your powerful mind

With hypnosis you connect to your unconscious mind, release what doesn’t work (smoking, associations, habits) and start living your life again feeling in control.

It can be that easy. Many clients report having no cravings, no desires, no headaches, and no problems whatsoever after the very first session.

You deserve to be in charge of your life NOW

You deserve to regain your health, vitality, and freedom!

You deserve to be breathing easy...being smoke-free.


Don’t waste another moment waiting for the “right” moment.

The right moment is now.

Get that freedom you’ve been longing for! Click THE BUTTON BELOW to get your free “Get Relief NOW” Consult.

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