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Hypnosis is Mind Control

Updated: Nov 17, 2022

There are so many myths around #hypnosis that it scares me and probably other people too! Stage hypnosis for entertainment has given the impression people can be controlled.

The one question everyone asks is 'can you make me cluck like a chicken' -why because many think that the hypnotist has all the control. This is simply not true.


All hypnosis is self hypnosis - what do I mean by that? You are the one who allows yourself to go into trance - the hypnotist cannot force you. It is a co-operative relationship where you work together to achieve an outcome.

You see, your brain's no1 priority is to keep you safe. Any suggestions to 'cluck like a chicken' will simply be ignored unless you of course want to cluck like a chicken ...anything that goes against your values will be rejected by you.

Hypnotherapy is a very safe practice and can be a wonderful experience providing you with a quick and effective change to gain relief from strong emotions, emotional baggage, trauma, struggle or making progress toward achieving something you want

In short hypnotherapy is safe - you are in the one in control


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