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Self Confidence Masterclass

Master Self Confidence in One Day

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Facilitators: Carole Sanderson & Dee Smith

Are you feeling low in mood, anxious or stuck or in a rut? Maybe you’ve suffered a relationship breakdown or lost a loved one? Are you feeling sad and find that you just can’t get back into the swings of things?

Do you dream of waking up and looking forward to your day? Tackling your work with energy or saying “No” to those who demand too much of you?

The Self Confidence Masterclass can help you gain confidence, tackle that low mood, and beat panic symptoms Book and come along to the Jesmond Dene Conference Centre on Saturday 7th January 2023 and we’ll show you how to manage your anxiety, calm down your breathing, control those anxious thoughts or panic symptoms and gain self-confidence so that you can get on with your day today, tomorrow and every day.

This self-confidence masterclass will teach you some easy-to-use techniques to help you combat your difficulties at home, at work, on the bus or even in the shopping mall. You’ll learn where your low self-confidence originates from and how to undo those unnecessary negative thoughts you’ve been programmed to believe. We’ll help you promote positive, healthy thinking to help you get through your day, sleep peacefully at night and free-up time for all those things you’ve been putting to one side.

Can you imagine going for that interview without feeling anxious, panicked or self-doubting? Imagine going in there feeling positive, relaxed, well and actually enjoying the process.

What if you had to:

  • Speak to a crowd of colleagues or give a presentation?

  • Go on that first date?

  • end a toxic relationship with someone who always wants to bring you down?

  • Learn how to cope without a loved one?

  • Say “No” to others’ continuous and unreasonable demands?

Learn how to take control of your life with this self-confidence masterclass and take away all of the tools we demonstrate on the day.

And that's not all. You'll get a copy of the presentation materials but as a bonus, you’ll get:


  • a workbook to use at home and strengthen your confidence

  • access to a self-confidence hypnosis audio to reprogram your subconscious mind

  • audio files of the techniques taught to you on the day so that you have someone talking you through them whenever you need it

  • Access to our Facebook group for continuing support

Materials you can use again and again to help build your self-confidence, boost your mood, and say goodbye to those dark down days of low mood, anxiety, and being in that life-diminishing stuck place.

Book now and join us on Saturday 7th January 2023 only £67.00 and we’ll look forward to seeing you there, helping you to move forward and gain the self-confidence you need for life.

Meet Your Trainers

Carole Sanderson

Carole has almost 20 years of experience working with people suffering from mental health problems. She is a counsellor, psychotherapist and EMDR practitioner cutting her teeth working in the NHS for much of that time and now in private practice. She has worked with people from all walks of life tackling many different problems such as anxiety, low mood and depression, low self-esteem, abuse, loss through bereavement or other, PTSD, panic symptoms and much more.

When not at work she relaxes by whizzing around on a motorbike and writes comedy scripts and novels. Having always loved working with people it’s fair to say she’s a ‘people person’ so when you attend one of the courses she helps present; you’re in safe hands. When asked why she does what she does for a living she said,

            “I’ve always worked to help other people. I like people and helping people improve their mental health whether through knowledge or laughter, that’s my bag.”

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Dee Smith

Dee has over 20 years of experience helping people change. She is a Therapeutic Hypnotherapist, Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) Practitioner and Success Coach.

She has helped people stop smoking, and overcome anxiety, depression, trauma and fears.

Dee loves to help people develop emotional freedom from whatever is impacting their lives, sometimes keeping them stuck.

She is fascinated by the mind and how to reprogram and rewire the brain for success.

She also has a background working as a Manager in Education in a Mental Health Trust and is a big animal lover.  Dee simply loves learning and is always doing something to learn new skills that can help others


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