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Updated: Nov 17, 2022

It is difficult to explain hypnosis. Experts offer many different types of explanations

A simple explanation of hypnosis - it is a state. In this state the critical faculty of the mind opens up where-by it would usually act as a barrier or filter between the conscious and unconscious mind.

It is also a naturally occurring state. We go in and out of all day, such as driving - can't remember which route we took home. Being engrossed in a movie or book - someone is talking to us and we don't hear them.

While some people can use willpower to create change, the person will often fall back into the same behaviours because the change has not happened in the unconscious mind. Trying to change with the logical conscious mind can feel like a tug of war. You want to change but you can't.

As to whether hypnosis is real or not YES hypnosis is a genuine therapeutic tool. In fact in 1840 India, a Scottish surgeon Dr James Braid performed 100s of successful surgeries without anaesthesia. There was also a low percentage of deaths from infection in his patients.

I have watched surgery on TV being performed while the patient was under hypnosis, awake and talking!

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