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Calm the Chaos Session


Special Wellbeing Offer


Gain relief from stress or experience hypnosis with this Calm The Chaos Stress Relief Session. A Full session (1-1.5 hours) at the low cost of £25.00

Hi, I am Dee and since 2004 I have been helping people breakthrough emotional and mental blocks.  Mainly specialising in freedom from traumatic memories, fears and phobias.  Helping people to recode how their brain stores information and accessing more empowering resourceful states for a happier life.

I am offering this special deal at minimal cost because the world is a strange place at the moment having gone through the Covid pandemic.  This has created a great deal of stress during times of uncertainty. And for many there is still uncertainty ahead.

To help with this I am offering a 'Calm the Chaos' on line hypnosis/NLP zoom session at this special price to ANYONE who needs it.

If you've thought or wondered about hypnosis before or you are in need of some stress free uninterrupted time,  then this is an ideal time for you to try it out and reap the benefits of calming the chaos.  

If you want to end the staycation of a stressed out overwhelmed mind and treat your mind instead to a vacation - all you need to do is click the button below.


If this is not useful for you but know someone you think this would make a great gift for - please email for a gift voucher at 

Stressed Woman


Rather than give power to the stories that are creating stress or overwhelm - lets work instead behind the problem and help you access the powerful resourceful states within you.

Working with the unconscious mind in hypnosis brings fast effective results because stress is a symptom presenting itself in your life as a story or metaphor for what the real problem is.

Often we try and figure out a solution logically however our conscious mind does not know the answer otherwise we'd have found it. That's why it is important to work with the unconscious mind, easily achieved through hypnosis.

Albert Einstein couldn't have put it better when he said:

"We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them" 

Stressed Man


I just want to do my bit and have offered this at the lowest price I possibly can. It's been such a tough 18 months for many of us.

If you are in a business affected by Covid. If your job and income was affected by Covid - it may still seem like a tough road ahead.

In these stressful times, this is an opportunity to give your mind a vacation - we'll take you to another place rather than having a staycation in the same stressed out overwhelmed mind.

Just imagine taking that time out. Floating off to somewhere wonderful and finding your own inner strengths.

To book your session and join me on zoom at a suitable date and time - just click the book button below now.

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