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Introducing Hypnotic-Results Success Programs - Permanent Life Changing Results in 7 Easy Steps

Whether it is anxiety disorder, trauma, fears, phobia's, depression or PTSD keeping you stuck or controlling your life, there is a permanent solution for you

Discover the Real Reason You Stay Stuck

It's not you! Your beliefs, habits and behaviours are fixed in your subconscious mind. Set like a path from A to B and you are stuck to it like glue. Try and get off that path and your brain sends an alert that you are off course and pulls you right back in. Why? Your brain likes what is familiar because that feels safe and its job is to protect you. It cannot distinguish between a good or bad path. It will keep you there even if consciously you know this path is not good for you and want to change it. 

The Little Known Secret to Creating Permanent Change

The truth is hypnotherapy is one of the most effective ways to create change because it works directly with your subconscious mind where programming is fixed. There are two ways to create change, one through shock or trauma, the other through creating new neural pathways and programs in the brain through repetition. This over-rides and weakens the old outdated pathways that do not support you. This is done through hypnosis. Hypnosis relaxes your brain into a theta brainwave state which is when the conscious mind is not so active and interfering. 

There Is Nothing Taboo About Hypnotherapy

Infact it is a very scientific process based on years of research. Hypnosis has been used many times to perform operations without anaestethic. 

It's simple really. You are guided into a relaxed theta brainwave state. In this state the conscious mind is not highly alert and inteferring. Changes are therefore much faster and effective.

Neuro-sciences are making new fascinating discoveries about the power of your brain every day. In order to help you as quickly and effectively as I can, I use what I have learned from NeuroScience in the last 3-4 years. I will share techniques with you that you can use outside of your sessions.

What Does The Future Hold for You?

Can you imagine:  

  • The feeling of empowerment when you start to do things you would usually avoid doing in the past
  • Experiencing relief of knowing how to stop never ending negative thoughts so you can sleep peacefully at night
  • That amazing feeling when you say yes to people and situations that you would normally avoid like the plague
  • The joy of waking up each morning without that knot of fear or awful constant churning in your stomach
  • Living your life in control so that you make the choices you really want to make
  • The sheer pleasure of just knowing you are okay

7 Easy Steps And A Committment to Change Is All It Takes

Hypnotic Results Success Programs are custom designed to your own specific needs. This isn't just hypnosis. It is a holistic approach to eliminiate emotions related to your problem, re-frame memories and install new supportive programs using hypnosis, NLP, Neuroscience and coaching. We treat the CAUSE not the effect.


1. Uncover your subconscious patterns that hold you back  

2. Create new supporting neural pathways in your brain  

3. Eliminate the underpinning negative emotions such as Anger, Sadness, Depression, Hurt or Fear  

4. Change the limiting beliefs that repeatedly sabotage you  

5. Create new empowering beliefs  

6. Make changes permanent  

7. Techniques to support you for the rest of your life

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