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Helping You to Overcome Unwanted

 Behaviours/Habits/Conditions/Symptoms/ Feelings

The decision to make a change starts with you
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Dee Smith, Clinical Hypnotherapist & NLP Practitioner

Are you Sick and Tired of Living With This Problem And Scared Life Will Always Be This Way?


Do you find yourself:


  • Stuck in a problem that is controlling your life, feels unbearable at times and you just don’t know what to do?

  • Unable to ‘fix it’ even though you’ve tried willpower and determination, online programs or self help?

  • Dreading the thought that life won’t get any better and you’ll be feeling like this forever?

  • Desperate to change but if feels too hard so you give up


The good news is my programs are customised with a mix of therapies and techniques designed entirely for you so that:


  • YOU CAN master your feelings and thoughts and take back control

  • YOU CAN discover how to break unwanted patterns and habits that are firing off automatically and keeping you in a never-ending loop of suffering

  • YOU CAN crush the cycle of frustration, self-blame and judgement

  • YOU CAN uncover the little-known secrets that help you rewire your mind for a happier life


Here at Hypnotic-Results, I help you become UNSTUCK from your problem so that you can start to shift how you are feeling and  take back control of your life again.  And it all starts with a no charge ‘GET UNSTUCK’ discovery session where we will go into more detail on what the problem is, why it continues and what we can do about it.


All you need to do is click the GET STARTED button below

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Thank you again from the bottom of my heart for the incredible sessions

It's hard to put into words the gratitude I feel

Alison Smith-Martin, Arizona, USA

Young Man

My life has totally changed. One year later - I've never had a panic attack since I last saw  you

Best decision I ever made!

Paul C, Northumberland

Laughing Man

I just had my first appointment with Deborah, she is an absolute gem! My session was life changing. As many of us have experienced, the past year and a half have been difficult. I feel lighter both mentally and physically! I am thrilled to have crossed paths with Dee!

Amy Pack, Virginia USA,

Contact Me

Lansdowne Terrace


Newcastle upon Tyne


Face-to-face sessions available locally in Gosforth

Anywhere in the world by video link:

(Zoom, Google meet, Facebook, What's app)

mobile:      07888 866 331


I'll be in touch soon!

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